Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Cartoon Afternoons

Here is some of the wonderful Cover Art and Comic Strips that my cartooning class created this Spring (some photos taken in progress):

"Pokemon Red Versus" by Sydney Upton

 "Vigilant"by Holden Garner

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sidewalk Chalk Art!!

In the spirit of summer sidewalk doodling I thought I'd post a project from 2011 that I did with a group of students during a summer program at the Arts Center. We gained inspiration from one of the worlds most talented sidewalk chalk artists Edgar Mueller  and used basic principles of perspective to create our own 3D sidewalk landscapes. Enjoy!

Monday, May 5, 2014

How-to, A Teacher's Guide to Firing a Manual Kiln

Firing a manual kiln, A Teacher's Guide:
 Preparing the kiln: Load desired cone into kiln sitter by lifting up the metal plate above the power button….

Tessellation's, Zentangles and more!

I have compiled some photos from different projects that focus on using pattern and rhythm to create wonderful artwork. Enjoy!

Community Zentangle Detail
Tessellations: A tessellation is one or more geometric shapes that cover an area, with no spaces or gaps in between shapes. They fit together like tiles. Some of my personal favorite tessellations are works by Mc Escher. Here is a pretty cool website about tessellations and making your own tessellations.  I taught a tessellation class during "Patterns" week at an Art Center summer camp during 2013 and here are a few unique tessellations my students created: