Monday, May 5, 2014

Tessellation's, Zentangles and more!

I have compiled some photos from different projects that focus on using pattern and rhythm to create wonderful artwork. Enjoy!

Community Zentangle Detail
Tessellations: A tessellation is one or more geometric shapes that cover an area, with no spaces or gaps in between shapes. They fit together like tiles. Some of my personal favorite tessellations are works by Mc Escher. Here is a pretty cool website about tessellations and making your own tessellations.  I taught a tessellation class during "Patterns" week at an Art Center summer camp during 2013 and here are a few unique tessellations my students created:

Zentangles: A zentangle is basically intense doodling using patterns and often repeated motifs without planning out what you are going to do ahead of time and instead letting it unfold, almost from your subconscious, onto the paper. It is a very therapeutic and relaxing way to work, almost like a stream of consciousness using shapes and pattern. There is an official zentangle website and method, but really anyone can make up their own patterns and practice on their own. In my open studio class this spring 2014, students have been working on a community zentangle where everyone is taking turns adding more and more to the artwork. Students have really enjoyed this project and I would highly recommend it as an enjoyable activity for quiet time or down time. 

Below are some images from a project I taught at College Hill in Fall of 2013 where students used a slip inlay technique (also called Mishima) to draw designs on the clay. The drawings were unique and wonderful and came out beautifully on the clay!

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