Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wilson Elementary Residency March 2012

During the month of March I was an artist in residence at Wilson Elementary. I led students from kindergarten through 5th grade in a series of drawing classes that represented some of the basic fundamentals of art. Projects were chosen based on concepts I find important as an artist as well as accessibility to a wide range of ages and art backgrounds of students.

The first class was based on learning about different values and creating a series of still life sketches. We started with creating a value chart which gave students an understanding of shading and practice pressing lightly and firmly with their pencils.

Students then broke up into groups and studied a variety of fruits placed on each table. They were given different goals for each fruit and different mediums to sketch with ( charcoal, colored pencil, chalk pastels). Some wonderful sketches were created and students were encouraged to really examine the fruit as if they were scientists rather than drawing from memory.