Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Adult Workshops!!

I am very pleased to announce several neighborhood art workshops coming up this winter/ spring! I am collaborating with some fellow artists in South Corvallis to bring weekend workshops for adults! Please see info below:

The Art of Yoga; The Yoga of Art
Uniting Body, Mind and Spirit in the 
Art of Figure Drawing
Sunday, March 2nd
Facilitated by: Laura Pagano Gouy of Bliss like This Yoga and Diana Ryan, visual artist and instructor
“It is only with the heart that one sees rightly”
-Antoinne de Saint Exupery

This one day workshop will give participants an opportunity to explore the art of drawing in a fresh way that creatively weaves together Yogic principles and Mindfulness practices to naturally support the art of figure drawing. Students will be led through a basic yoga sequence by Laura to awaken and their body and mind. Diana will then introduce basic drawing fundamentals and guide students through drawing exercises. Students will have the opportunity to practice their new skills and divide into subjects and artists, drawing each figure as they are led through a series of postures.  Please join us for this innovative workshop that pairs drawing and yoga so beautifully. No drawing experience necessary. Class is limited to 12 students. 
Please bring a sketchbook, suggested size 11" x 14". Drawing supplies and yoga props will be provided, but feel free to bring your own if you prefer. 
To register please call (541) 753-0132 or e-mail Laura Gouy at blisslikethisyoga@gmail.com
Cost Sliding Scale: $30-$50
Class held at Bliss Like This Yoga Studio 
Laura Gouy  "Yoga has come to touch all aspects of my life in the expected places: as a human, woman, mother, partner, global citizen; and in gardening, cooking, hiking, paddling, canoeing, surfing, etc.  Now I delight in finding yoga in all the unexpected places! May all beings be radiantly alive!"
Diana Ryan "I am a ceramicist, painter, and teaching artist in the Corvallis community. I enjoy sharing my knowledge of fundamental techniques while encouraging playful experimentation. There is no right or wrong way to make art. Visual art is a powerful form of self expression and can translate our subconscious and feelings in profound ways.  That is the beauty of art making."

Hero’s Journey Workshop 
Personal Myth, Art & Exploration
The Call, Threshold, Road of Trials, Allies, Cave, Gift, Return
                            Session one-February 22nd & 23rd
Session two- March 15th & 16th
(workshops can be taken separately or combined together)

This hands-on workshop will pair stories and creative expression with the Hero’s Journey in order to help students gain perspective and insight into their own lives. Participants will map their personal journey through mixed media art projects including bookmaking, collage, writing and clay. No art experience needed. 

Most stories, myths, movies and novels incorporate a narrative structure known as the Hero’s Journey.  Defined by Joseph Campbell, after studying patterns in stories and myths from all over the world, it reflects a universal structure in human experiences, myth making and storytelling.  The basic structure of hero mythology is the departure, initiation and return with tests and trials along the way. The stages of the journey reflect the steps of a rite of passage, which is an experience that takes a person from one stage of life to the next. 

Facilitators/Muses each experiencing the hero’s journey themselves.
Carol Soth is a teaching artist, who is getting to know new allies on the road of life’s journey. 

Chris Neely is a visual artist/storyteller who is currently lost in the mist of her own hero’s journey.

Diana Ryan is a clay/multi media artist who recently heard the call and is packing her bags.

Saturday sessions from 9:30am-4pm, Sunday sessions from 10am-2pm
 Cost  is sliding scale $55-$75

Please bring bag lunch. Drinks, tea/coffee, chocolate provided
For more information call 541  207  3469  0r Carolsoth1@gmail.com

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  1. I am so excited to collaborate with Diana, this is going to be a great workshop!