Thursday, December 12, 2013

Cartooning and Clay!!

Students playing a cartoon building game called "exquisite corps" where each student draws a different part of the character. 
This Autumn my cartooning and clay class designed their own cartoons, story lines, built characters, sets, props and made original claymation movies! We started out by learning basic techniques for drawing cartoon characters, practicing drawing different features, expressions, movements, etc. We then moved on to sculpting with clay and figuring out how to turn 2 dimensional drawings into 3 dimensional forms. Students then started developing story lines and some students partnered up to form creative teams. Students built all their own props, sets, and characters. I helped photograph stills of their projects as they moved the characters. Students picked titles, music and made voice overs and I helped edit and turned their videos into short films. Here are some of the videos (passwords located below videos)!!

Day of Destruction from Diana Ryan on Vimeo.
Password= Artscenter1

The battle of Spinxwood from Diana Ryan on Vimeo.
Password: Artscenter3

One Good Day Gone Bad from Diana Ryan on Vimeo.
Password: Artscenter2

Where the Bird Beats Person from Diana Ryan on Vimeo.
Password: Artscenter4

Picnic from Diana Ryan on Vimeo.
Password: Artscenter5

Dooms Day from Diana Ryan on Vimeo.

Password: Artscenter6

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