Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Tile Quilting at College Hill

Close up of some of the tiles 
This month the students at College Hill High School kicked off the school year with a collaborative tile project! During orientation each student in the school got to decorate a 4"x4" tile, keeping the overall themes of "respect" and "empathy" in mind. There were about 90 tiles in total made. Students had the creative freedom to express what those themes meant to them by using stamps, hand carving and hand painting designs. Some of the tiles represented the themes more literally by using words like "respect" and quotes like "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Other tiles were more playful with sayings like "I (heart) cats" and "moop". There were also purely visual tiles made using abstract designs and images of people holding hands, footprints, and nature.

 I worked with the students in the art class to design a layout and display for the tiles. Tiles were woven together using colorful wire and hung from wood supports to create a tile curtain of sorts- with the middle section bowing out to create a 3 dimensional space. The project will be installed in the hallway at College Hill for passer-by's to enjoy! I will post pictures of the finished installation once it has been installed.


Students painting tiles

Laying out tiles to get a feel for how installation will look

Students using wire to attach the tiles to one another

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