Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer Madness

 The whirlwind of summer camps at the Arts Center hit and some wonderful things were created, (most of which I did not photograph, unfortunately). We started off the summer with circus camp where students learned stilting and poi, made props and I taught a yoga class that kept students focused and taught concentration, mindfulness and balance. The yoga turned out to be invaluable for the students (and the counselors, and me) and I received lots of positive feedback! I also was able to sit in the audience (having not had students prepare anything in particular for the circus performance) and that was a real treat to see the whole production from the audience (as usually I am behind the scenes coordinating).

For puppets week students created props and costumes and put on a puppet show in central park!!

During "Fantasy Fiction" week, we read a little about Ents from the J.R.R Tolken book the Two Towers. Ents are the tree like creatures that look after the forests. Students made Ent sculptures with clay and decorated with paint, collected natural objects like moss and leaves, beads, etc.

The only photos I have currently are from some group mural projects my classes designed and created in teams of 4.

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