Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring 2012 Classes at The Arts Center! An Overview...

 ...And what great classes they were! I wanted to share some of the fun projects my classes created this Spring!

 The next few pictures are from my Tile Workshop stepping stone making project. Students designed and made their own tiles and then attached them to concrete blocks using adhesive and grout. They turned out great!

 The following pictures represent a multi-class tree mural project. My creative Arts class painted the bulk of the tree branches and details. All of my classes from pre-school to Open Studio helped with the hand printed leaves. My clay classes and tile class helped make some ceramic tiles that I attached to the wall. This is an ongoing project that is sure to be added to over time! The mural certainly brightens up the space!

 My pre-school Picasso Play class did some fun projects this spring! The following is splatter painting!!
 Picasso Play also created life size self-portraits by having parents trace their outlines on butcher paper. Students then decorated themselves using jewels, feathers, paint, crayons, buttons, you name it! The results were fantastic!!

 My MUD Workshop class, a class focused on making functional pottery, ended with a festive tea party! Each students made at least 1 tea pot and tea cup and we filled them with different kinds of tea (although the one filled with hot chocolate was by far the most popular) and had fun sampling the teas as well as pouring from the pots students had made!

Cheers! MUD Hatters Tea Party!

 Open Studio, a program during the day created for home-schooled families, created lots of hand made pottery! Participants also got their wiggles out in the dance studio by creating obstacle courses and playing theater games!
A very Artful Spring it was! What a great way to end the school (or no-school) year and bring on the summer! I will be taking maternity leave over the summer and ideally working back in classes in the fall, so stay tuned! Thanks to everyone for supporting the Arts and see you in the Fall!

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