Monday, February 23, 2015

Action Packed Still Life!

 This weekend I taught a drawing lesson at a "Drink and Draw" hosted by 2Towns Ciderhouse. Adults 21 and up gathered in the beautiful Barrel Room with it's gigantic Lord of the Rings door, mood lighting and relaxed feel. The theme was "Still Life" but I wanted something fun so I posed some classic action figures and dinosaurs with the fruit for an "Action Packed Still Life". Lots of folks turned up for the event, all with different levels of confidence about their drawing skills. I gave a brief overview about getting started; figuring out the composition of the drawing, blocking in objects, determining a standard of measurement and building up the drawing. Once everyone got started I bounced around the room and checked in with people offering drawing tips and motivation. It was a fun group of people and the drawings were totally fantastic! See for yourself!

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