Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy Batik Project!!

During the week of spring break 2013 at the Arts Center, students created many african safari themed art projects! My classes created a group project that visualized the grasslands food chain (photo above). Students also learned how to batik using elmers glue and watered down acrylic paints!! See photos below for more detailed instructions for this project and try it at home!

 First draw out your design on a sheet of regular paper and outline it in a dark color of marker.
 Next place a sqare of thin muslin 100% unbleached cotton fabric over your design and tape into place. You should be able to see your design through the fabric. Then use regular elmers glue to trace over the lines of your design. Let dry completely (until glue is clear).

 Next, run your fabric with the dried glue design under cold water just enough to get it wet. Water down some acrylic paint and paint your fabric with the watered down paint. (You want the paint to be thin and soak into fabric like dye). Let dry completely.
 Lastly, soak your fabric in very hot water for a few minutes to soften glue, then scrub away glue gently with a sponge or toothbrush. My class then sewed their batiks into pillows and added beads for decoration!!

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