Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Drawing is such an important fundamental of art that I use it a lot and apply it in virtually all of my classes. Even for 3 dimentional projects I will always start by having the kids sketch out their ideas first. In my basic drawing classes I teach the fundamentals of drawing including line, shape, value, shading, perspective, landscape, contour, gesture, portrait, negative space, abstraction, etc. I have taught quite a few private drawing lessons to individual students.
This is a sketch for fashion design class (note the caution tape wrapped around the legs!)

Drawing from my Japanese Manga Drawing Class

I teach the kids how to break the body into basic shapes to avoid stick figures.

Awesome comic strip from a Japanese Manga class!!
Building cities!

Excellent example of two point perspective!

To teach value I shine a flood lamp onto an egg and have the students draw it.

Adding some color- I like introducing various drawing media including pastels, charcoal, chalk, ink and markers.

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